iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter
iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter
iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter
iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter
iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter
iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter
iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter
iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter
iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter

iSinwheel® i9 Pro Electric Scooter

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  • 350 W
    Motor Capacity
  • 42 V 7.5 Ah
    Battery Capacity
  • 18.6 mp/h
    Max Speed
  • 3-5 Hours
    Charging Time
  • 17 Miles
    Max Range
  • 264 Lbs
    Max Load
    Maximum Speed 18.6 MPH (30Km/h)
    Maximum Range 17 Miles (27km)
    Motor Power 350W
    Speed Modes 3
    Cruise Control Settings Yes
    Battery Recharging Time 3-5H
    Battery Capacity 42V 7.5Ah 315Wh
    Water Resistance IP54, Waterproof, can be used in puddles and rain not exceeding the height of the pedal bottom
    Suspension Yes
    Wheel Type Honeycomb solid tire
    Wheel Size 8.5 inches
    Tyre Pressure 36 psi
    Drive Type Front wheel drive
    Front Brakes EBAS electronic brake
    Rear Brakes Rear disc brake
    Accelerator Control Type Thumb press
    Brake Control Type Lever
    Hanndlebar Grips Foam
    Weight 27.5 lbs(13.5kg)
    Foldable Yes
    Folded Dimensions Approx:41.7*18.9inch(1060*480mm)
    Unfolded Dimensions Approx:41.7*42.9inch(1060*1090mm)
    Foldable Handlebars No
    Adjustable Stem No
    Rider Maximum Load 264lbs(120kg)
    Recommended Age 12 + Years
    Front Light Type LED
    Rear Light Type LED
    Reflectors Yes
    Bell Bell
    Mudguards Built in mudguards
    Display Multi-Functional LED Display
    App Yes
    App Name MiniRobot
    Compatibility iOS, Android

    1 x Folding S9 Pro Electric Scooter
    1 x Charger
    1 x Manual

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    S9 Pro

    Shiny LED Headlamp

    The headlight delivers Increased safety in dark surroundings. Based on the Bright/Dark Cut-Off Line, focusing the lights at a low angle on the road will provide extra visibility and safety.

    Thumb Throttle

    The thumb throttle has moderate resistance and responsiveness,which is convenient for riders to control the driving speed and fully enjoy the fun of "driving".

    Comes with a Bell

    The loud, crisp ring of the bell is sure to alert riders and pedestrians and to provide enhanced safety when riding.

    One-Step Folding

    The S9Pro scooter folds in one step, even with the seat attached, and can easily fit in the back of your car. It’s net weight is 27.5 lbs(13.5kg). Allowing you to carry it onto subways and elevators, unlocking unlimited possibilities.

    New Tail Light

    The tail light turns on automatically when using the front light or braking providing enhanced safety and visibility to others.

    Double Shock Absorder

    The double rear suspension system make you enjoy a comfortable riding journey.

    Dual Shock Absorber & Smart Braking System

    Help you enjoy a comfortable and safe riding.

    350W Brushless Motor, Climb Better, Accelerate Faster

    Hill climbing is drastically improved and now delivers sharper acceleration from a standstill, with a 350W motor rating, which transforms the ride experience.

    15.5 Miles (25 km) Maximum Range

    Equipped a downhill & braking regenerative 
    battery, you can charge on the go.

    Smart MiniRobot APP connection

    APP lock function
    Note: only the new APP can change speed to 18.6mph.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 66 reviews
    Smart scooter with Bluetooth connectivity & powerful motor with quick throttle!

    My wife and I are intrigued by the capability of electric bikes and scooters. We currently own 2 e-bikes and 2 scooters at home and we love the convenience it offers for the local commute and a great companion during the trips when we carry in our car. This is 3rd scooter for us but it is one of the unique kind and high tech too. We are impressed by this scooter for sure but there are definitely some cons that need to be considered before getting this.

    My detailed comments are below after using it for a week and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an e-scooter in this form factor & price range.

    My 2 cents are below:

    - This scooter ride is very smooth overall on the plain terrain
    - Has a maximum speed of around 18.6 MPH. I am not sure about you but riding a scooter over 15MPH is something my wife and I both don't prefer for safety reasons and hence it delivers as per our needs. It has a 350W high-power motor and immediately catches the speed on pressing the trigger
    - Ride modes can be changed via the app too
    - Great build quality overall
    - The mobile app is one of the key highlights for this scooter. Connects easily and has tons of features/control to explore. Seeing scooter statistics is a nice feature (Picture attached)
    - Digital HD led display is very fancy and intuitive
    - Brake in both from and rear wheels worked great overall for sudden and usual brakes while riding it
    - The platform has a non-skid rubber coating making it easy to get a grip while riding
    - Single button control makes it easy to operate (Single/Double/Triple clicks changes everything)
    - Headlight LEDs are bright enough for night rides as well. We usually tend to ride in the evening or when it is about to get dark and hence we liked this
    - Taillight is battery operated too and works with the brake to make it easier to ride in the dark
    - Overall this e-scooter looks fancy and targets youth customers. It would be a great choice for anyone in the '20s-30s
    - 8.5'' tires have good grip overall and we did not feel it skidding as if now
    - Great build quality and structure feels very strong from any angle
    - It is easy to charge with the access point in a nice area. It charged from zero to full in around 5 hours and I found it to be true to what the manufacturer claims
    - Comes very well packed and there was no damage at all
    - Scooter comes in big packaging with most of the assembly already in place. Just had to fit some parts and screw them up. It was overall an easy assembly and the scooter was ready to use in less than 5 minutes
    - Detailed manual provided and should cover any question you may have during use
    - Manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the scooter (however battery has 6 months warranty only)
    - Very reasonably priced in this category of product and it is a bank for the bucks considering the looks of these
    - Scooter is foldable making it portable to carry around

    - 17 miles of range is not the best in the competition even in the 350W motor category. My other scooter tends to give a 22-23 miles range with a similar capacity motor. The battery is 7.5Ah in this compared to 10Ah in my other scooter
    - This scooter is only meant for city plain terrain. It can handle up to 20 degree upward slopes but that is not practical in the real world
    - Display visibility is not very great in sunlight and it gets difficult to read sometimes
    - Why manual horn in an e-scooter? I would prefer a digital one
    - The display shows up 3 modes ideally but only the Economy and Sport modes are functional even with the mobile app. There is no way to change to drive (D) mode YouTube video placeholder
    Tianbo Li
    Perfect electric scooter

    Very good quality electric scooter, I like it so much, It can be connected to the mobile APP via bluetooth, which is very convenient. It's fast and meets my needs. Foldable and portable. This is very recommende.

    Awesome Little Scooter

    This lightweight scooter is well designed and convenient to use. I went on a few trips to the west coast and discovered how convenient it is to ride a scooter around, so I decided to get one myself when I came back to NY. I live in an apartment building where there’s no parking available. With this scooter, it makes my commute much faster and I can park my car 8 blocks away and no need to calculate amount of time I need to walk home from the parking spot. It’s easy to fold and store away in seconds and it doesn’t take up too much space as well. Definitely recommend it if you are looking for an alternative way to save daily commute time.

    Good Scooter

    Good scooter I ride it to the gym and around town. It goes up to 17mph . I like the color as well it has a light for night driving . Great scooter for anyone

    Perez benny
    the best!!!

    Having fun!!!

    Nice scooter so far

    So far so good,Just went around the neighborhood so I really couldn't tell you how long the battery goes but I like it so far

    M Jones
    Great scooter lots of fun!!

    We have been shop around and find this fun little scooter.
    We loved that fact that we can just zip down the gas station at the corner to do the drink purchase. Super convenient. The bottom is long and wide enough for me to set the drink on. We love the multiple speed that you can set on.
    It is super easy to balance :)

    F. Zhu
    Effortless to assemble and fun to ride

    This product is well built and looks quite cool. It came with several nice features:

    1. It took less than 10 min to assemble the scooter. The instructions are easy to follow. All buttons are quite intuitive to figure out. I do encourage any user to spend 5 min reading the menu though.

    2. The battery lasts a long time. When I received the scooter, it had about 60% battery left. After riding it three or four times (around 30-40 min each time), it still had about 40% battery.

    3. The gear has three levels, each with a maximum speed. Level 1's maximum speed is only 6 miles per hour. I found this feature particularly attractive. Although this scooter is designed for adults, after I set the gear to level 1, my 8-year old is able to use it near our cul-de-sac. At this speed, I was able to follow him closely to ensure safety. He very much enjoyed riding it.

    4. It has two brake systems. You can stop it by holding the left brake lever. In an emergency, you can step on the rear brake by foot.

    You can also download an app to control the scooter but the app is rather optional. Overall, I'm very pleased with the scooter. I think it would provide lots of fun to our family.


    I'm a 200lbs man who rides this scooter daily to and from the train station and my office. it works well, you can reasonably expect about 15 miles of range.


    I got this to help with my commute and i didn't realize it would be so much fun. it folds down really small so I can stash it under my desk. I like the bell, helps get people out of my way before i zooooom past them, I use it a lot on the sidewalk.