Folding Ebike

Navigate the city's hustle with iSinwheel's folding eBike, the ultimate commuter companion that's light, durable, and folds in a flash for easy transport or storage. Say goodbye to traffic and parking woes with its powerful motor and enduring battery. Plus, our collection includes adult electric scooters for smooth rides, all-terrain electric skateboards for the adventurous, electric skateboard with remote for precision cruising, and compact small electric bikes for the space-savvy. iSinwheel is your ticket to a convenient, fun, and flexible urban journey.


Ready to upgrade your ride with the latest in electric transportation? Check out iSinwheel's top products and discover the excitement of cutting-edge technology! Whether it’s the smooth ride of iSinwheel electric bikes, the quick maneuvering of our iSinwheel electric scooters, or the thrilling speed of iSinwheel electric skateboards, We have the perfect electric vehicle for you.


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What is a Folding Ebike?

A folding e-bike is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that also features a foldable frame, offering a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. This type of bike is ideal for city living and commuting, as it can be easily collapsed down to a compact size for storage in small spaces or carried onto public transit. The electric assistance allows riders to tackle hills and travel longer distances without excessive physical strain, making the folding e-bike a smart choice for those looking to combine the practicality of a traditional bike with the added benefit of motorized support.

Why Choose iSinwheel Folding Electric Bikes?

Our folding e-bikes are designed with urban living in mind. They are compact, easy to fold, and can be conveniently stored in small spaces, making them perfect for apartment living and commuting on public transportation. 

Here’s why you should consider our folding e-bikes:

  • Compact Design: Easily foldable and lightweight, our e-bikes are ideal for carrying onto public transport or storing under your desk at work.
  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with advanced motors, our e-bikes offer a smooth ride with ample speed and power to tackle city streets and hills.
  • Eco-Friendly Travel: Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability by opting for our electric-powered bikes over cars.
  • Health Benefits: Enjoy the outdoor experience and engage in physical activity, enhancing your fitness and well-being.

Featured Products:

Explore our top folding e-bikes, such as the iSinwheel U5 Folding Electric Bike. Known for its robust build and versatile performance, the U5 combines portability with durability. It's perfect for riders looking for a reliable option that doesn’t sacrifice on speed or battery life. For those who need a bit more from their ride, the iSinwheel U7 Cargo Bike offers additional storage space, making it ideal for grocery runs or days out in the park. Lastly, the iSinwheel M10 Electric Commuter Bike is your go-to for daily commutes, boasting a sleek design and enhanced comfort.

Transform Your Commute with iSinwheel

Embrace the future of transportation with iSinwheel folding e-bikes. Our bikes are more than just a means of transport; they are a gateway to a new lifestyle. Free yourself from traffic jams, reduce environmental impact, and improve your health all at once. Browse our selection today and find the perfect folding e-bike to suit your life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which folding e-bike is best?

The best folding e-bike is the iSinwheel U5 Folding Electric Bike. This model stands out for its impressive combination of portability, performance, and user-friendly features. It's designed to make your commute or city exploration as effortless and enjoyable as possible, with a foldable design that's convenient for storage and transport. With its durable construction, reliable motor, and long-lasting battery, the iSinwheel U5 ensures a smooth and efficient ride that caters to the needs of urban cyclists and adventure enthusiasts alike.

What size bike is best for folding?

The best size for a folding bike is generally one that balances compactness when folded with riding comfort when unfolded. Most folding bikes come with 16-inch to 20-inch wheels, which offer a good compromise between portability and performance. The folded size should fit your storage and transportation needs, whether it's taking it on public transit or fitting it into a car trunk.

How do I choose a good folding bike?

To choose a good folding bike, consider the following factors:

  • Folding mechanism: Look for a bike that folds easily and quickly. The folding process should be straightforward and the folded package should be compact.
  • Weight and portability: Lighter bikes are easier to carry, especially when folded. However, very light models may compromise on durability, so find a good balance.
  • Frame material: Aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant, while steel is durable and often more affordable.
  • Wheel size: Smaller wheels fold smaller but may be less smooth over bumps, while larger wheels offer a more comfortable ride.
  • Gear range: More gears can help with hilly terrain, while fewer gears work well for flat areas and simpler maintenance.
  • Additional features: Consider extras like rack and fender compatibility, electric assist level, battery range, and overall build quality.

Are folding electric bikes heavy?

Folding electric bikes can be heavier than non-electric folding bikes due to the added weight of the battery and motor. On average, a folding e-bike can weigh between 38 to 70 pounds (17 to 32 kilograms), which is heavier than most traditional folding bikes but still manageable for carrying short distances or lifting into a vehicle. The weight will vary depending on the bike's components and battery size.