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we believe that technology makes communication easier and easier, but it becomes more difficult to connect the people, places, and experiences that are most important to us. iSinwheel brings all the things you want closer to you, enriching your life in an easier, cheaper and more interesting way. Your office, the new ramen shop, the friends you are eager to bring to the new ramen shop.

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Our Story

iSinwheel was established in 2018. It's specialised in electric scooters for personal transportation and is owned and operated by DOUBLE KING INDUSTRY (HK) CO., LIMITED. Shenzhen Xincheng Innovation Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) is responsible for supplier coordination.
iSinwheel go with your wonderful life. Whether it's your first trying super electric Scooter or have fun with your kids. iSinwheel accompany your every growth. We provide convenient travel. Whether it's daily commuting or the weekend outing. iSinwheel is your safe, stable and reliable partner. Everything we do at iSinwheel is about personal transportation. We has always strived to provide high-quality, safe, and reliable products for its customers.

Our Mission

Safety is our primary requirement. We take the safety of every customer seriously. If the product has potential safety hazards, then we will not sell it. iSinwheel only allow the sale of electric scooters that have been tested and approved by a professional technical team. We have our own factory to ensure that you get the best quality products at the most favorable price possible. Since many electric scooters are not suitable for the British weather at all, we have created our own waterproof, durable and high-quality electric scooters. We have tried subways and buses, electric bicycles and shared bicycles, and even taxis. We sat on the crowded subway or bus and missed important meetings. We were riding e-bikes or shared bicycles, sweating profusely, clothes were messy. We spent a lot of money to take a taxi but got stuck on the city roads during the rush hour. The scooter saves all time and all fresh air, and plays an important role in the daily life of office workers. Its full power gives us a sense of security. It is light and easy to fold and store.

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Why Choose iSinwheel?

We’re experts - we aim to offer you the high quality range of e-scooters on the market, whilst providing you with excellent information and insightful views on those products.

Price match promise-we offer you the Preferential prices - as a Manufacture we get great discounts, which we can pass onto you in the form of lower prices.

We deliver outstanding service - our dedicated UK/EU/USA-based customer service team are here to help you choose the right e-scooter for you.

We operate integrity. We supply manufacturer-backed warranties - our warranties are supplied by us, in the UK/EU/USA, and are 100% backed by manufacturers.

We’re campaigners for pro-legislative change - we're fighting for electric scooters to be made legal on roads, while also pushing for improved cycle path networks throughout the UK/EU/USA. We're passionate about access and infrastructure for all personal electric transport users.

We’re environmentally conscious - as a company we endeavour to be as environmentally responsible and sustainable as we can be.

APP Function

The APP function is optional, active cruise control, startup setting and view other riding statistics. 

Water Resistance

Waterproof, can be used in puddles and rain not exceeding the height of the pedal bottom

Lightweight and Foldable

Collapsible for convenient portability, fits in the trunk so you can bring it wherever you want to go

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