Electric Skateboard Accessories

Shop iSinwheel’s essential electric skateboard accessories to upgrade your board and ride with confidence. From tough wheels for any terrain to bright lights for night skates, our collection has every part you need. Charge up with an extra battery, or grab a skateboard backpack to carry your kit wherever you go.

Whatever accessory you need, we've got the options to evolve your board. Don't forget the charger, helmet, and remote essentials for a safe and responsive skate. Check iSinwheel’s collection for all the gear and tools you need for a smoother ride.

Check out our electric skateboards for fast fun, our electric motor scooters for quick trips around town, and our e-bikes and folding e-bikes for comfy longer rides. We have something for every rider in our collection, ready to roll whenever you are.

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Accessorize for an Unstoppable Electric Skateboarding Experience

Get the most out of your electric skateboard with cool add-ons that make it last longer, handle better, and glide smoother. These upgrades are all about making your rides more fun and worry-free.

Unlimited Adventures With Battery Packs

Swap in a fresh battery pack and roam free without worrying about your next charge. Our battery packs are designed to give you extra miles and more freedom on your rides.

Precision Control With Remote Controls

Master every twist and turn with our responsive remote controls. They provide the finesse needed for flawless maneuvering, enhancing your skateboarding skills with the push of a button.

Smooth Sailing with High-Quality Wheels

Upgrade to our premium skateboard wheels and feel the difference in your ride. Durable and designed for performance, they offer a smoother, more reliable roll on any pavement.

Master Your Ride with Electric Skateboard Accessories From Isinwheel

Make your electric skateboard better with gear that's practical and fun. These add-ons are built to give you more comfort and control, no matter where you're headed.

Steady Grip and Smooth Rides with Hub Wheels

Upgrade your wheels with hub options that make every cruise feel smoother. These all-terrain wheels are a key component in handling dirt and bumps, giving you a steadier ride on all sorts of terrain.

Keep Going with a Rechargeable Battery

Pop in a rechargeable electric skateboard battery to stay moving without long breaks. It's an ideal way to keep your board ready for travel and ensure you're set for the long haul.

Sturdy Support with a Reinforced Front Axle

Ensure your board has the foundation it needs with a reinforced front axle. Designed for durability and reliability, it provides the support you need to handle any adventure with confidence.

Recommended Articles

Before you hop on your electric skateboard and start enjoying the ride, it's a good idea to read up on some helpful information. Here are articles that cover everything you need to know to ensure you have the best and safest experience on your e-skateboard:

Frequently Asked Questions on Accessories for Electric Skateboards

Can you modify an electric skateboard?

Absolutely! Modifying your electric skateboard with new accessories can increase the joy and performance of your ride. Whether it's a high-grip deck for better control or a switch to LED lights for night rides, the choice to enhance your board is yours. It's important to notice compatibility, so make sure the parts you buy are suitable for your skateboard.

What accessories can enhance the handling and longevity of my electric skateboard?

Accessories such as grips can significantly improve your control over the board by providing a firmer handle, which translates to better maneuverability. Belts are an essential part of motor maintenance, ensuring that your board's propulsion system is running optimally. Meanwhile, installing guards can enhance the durability of your skateboard, protecting it against the impacts and scrapes that come with regular use.

Can electric skateboards go downhill?

Yes, electric skateboards can go downhill, and having the right accessories like quality brakes and wheels can make it safe and fun. Accessories available on the market today can help you maintain control and speed when riding downhill.

Can electric skateboards go uphill?

Certainly! Many electric skateboards are built to handle uphill climbs, and certain high-performance accessories can boost this capability. Upgrading to a more powerful motor or ensuring your battery is fully charged can make uphill rides easier and more enjoyable.

Can I push an electric skateboard?

You can push an electric skateboard manually, just like a regular one, if needed. It's possible you might need to do this if your battery runs out. However, pushing is easier when you have a lightweight board, so consider this when you're looking to buy electric skateboard accessories, like a new battery pack to keep the weight down and extend your range without adding bulk.