i11 - Two Colors For You to Choose

The I11 scooter is available in red or black. The ingenious shape design is not only a good choice for going to work in the city, but also an environmentally friendly vehicle for leisure and entertainment with friends and traveling together.
  • Max Speed
  • 15.5mph(25km/h)
  • Max Range
  • 15.5miles(25km)
  • Max Motor Power
  • 350W
  • Max. Incline
  • 20°
  • Max Load (KG)
  • 264.5 lbs(119kg)
  • Tire size
  • Front + Rear(8.5'')
  • Braking
  • EBAS electronic brake
All our scooters would ship by UPS / FEDEX. Refund: 1.For non-defective products/no-longer needed products (1)Within 30 days:We refund the full amount within 30 days,the customer needs to pay an extra $40-50 for shipping cost. (2)Over 30days:The refund would be 30%-80%, it depends on the actual problem and situation. shipping fee can not be refunded. 2.For defective products (1)Within 30 days:We refund the full amount within 30 days. (3)Over 30days:The refund would be 30%-80%, it depends on the actual problem and situation. 3.Return rma validity 30 days (from the date the rma was created) A Return merchandise authorization (rma) must be requested from isinwheel within 30 days from the date of receipt of shipment.

i9 Scooter - IP54 waterproof; climbing ability ≦20°

Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy Material: Aerospace grade aluminum alloy body material weighs only one third of steel, and its strength per unit density is 1.3 times that of steel. It has better thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, making the i9 lightweight and durable. for
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Experience Sharing


i11 Scooter So Awesome

Anne Le

What a super inexpensive scooter this is. Bought it as a spare if my daily scooter breaks down, after the easy assembly I took it for a ride, it accelerated fine and soon got to 15.5mph. The brakes are spot on and the lights bright, for solid tyres it's quite a smooth ride. The cruise control is a handy feature and the app easy to use. I can't really fault it in anyway. Not sure how long it will last only time will tell. All in all its perfect if you want a fairly quick fun commuter

Best scooter ever...


I've been using this scooter for commuting to work, it's cut my journey down by half. Smooth to operate, turns well, robust rubber foot board, doesn't loose balance when going up and down curbs. Accelerates at a good pace, you can see what speed you are going at with the digital display but be careful when trying to check what speed you are doing, in doing so I've almost lost control and fallen over, I've stopped looking at what speed I am going at as I know without even looking at the speedometer what speed I need to be travelling at.

Easy to Carry and Fold

John Doe

The Scooter is so easy to fold in my car and i can carry it out casually. The fold is very convenient, and at the same time it has sufficient power. I can walk around in the park with a single charge. If you want to use it for commuting or short trips, I think it's very suitable

Wonderful i9Pro Scooter


I had the i9pro (great scooter) .. I had a couple issues with both scooters in the i9pro but with the help from the isinwheel support emails I've managed to sort problems out......isinwheel is a great brand with great support, I mean yes you may wait a day or 2 to get an email back but that's kind of standard with anything but isinwheel have seemed to go out their way to help me.
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