Isinwheel V6 Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

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V6 E-Skateboard
V6 E-Skateboard *2(Best Deal)
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Max Power

10 Miles

Max Range

12 MPH

Top Speed

25 V 2Ah

Battery Capacity

2 Hours

Charging Time

264 Lbs

Max Load




Easy to commute

Travel-friendly and Portability

As soon as you step onto it and take

it for a spin, you’ll instantly be hooked.

Great value-for-money

Comfortably support up to 264 pounds

Its ability to evenly distribute weight for a steady ride, even at its top speed

Cater for the most riders

Offer you a smooth ride

You can go out for long rides and not get too tired.

Offer extreme operation

The compact size and easily

modulated speed make this a good pick for beginners

Good for beginners

It's totally the perfect way to get you through town and school

Steady, firm ride

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Tough, sturdy deck

Jump on an Eboard and join us for

the most fun you’ll ever have on a

plank of wood with four wheels.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Michelle R.
V6 user, haven't boarded in decades...

Ok, so I'm mostly old now, and I haven't skateboarded in years. I have a small battery assisted bike that I bring to race tracks to get around in the pits, but sometimes the camper van has too much in it to bring that bike along. This seemed to be a daring opportunity for a replacement of the bike, but the hill climbing ability was intriguing to me.

I got the V6 version. It arrived complete with some tools. I haven't skateboarded in years, and the trucks moved around a whole lot more than I expected. So, I've actually been tightening them up so that it is a bit more stable at faster speeds. How fast does it go? The claim is that it can go 12MPH, and I think that's probably very, very accurate without pulling out the GPS and such. But it is fast enough that I recognize that I'm going pretty quick and if I were to hit a bad spot in the pavement, I might fall over at a very good speed.

The hand control seems to work well. The brake can be abrupt. If one panics a little bit and really rolls the brake control abruptly, it can be a little upsetting for one's balance. Board to hand control connectivity is absolutely not an issue. Works great!

The construction seems to be good. This is an attractive board! Wheels have been holding up well during my short stints. The powered drive is only from one wheel. I think the hand control is mostly intuitive, and it seems durable.

This might be a little over my ability. I think I will continue to learn and challenge myself and enjoy it though too.

Mason W.
Good beginner board - determine if it meets your needs for the longer term

I'm writing this review from the perspective of what may not be the target audience for this board. I'm a 50-something former skateboarder (i.e. in the 1970s) who has miles of paved bike and pedestrian trails at my disposal. I am 240 pounds. I am looking to e-board on these trails and decided to try a "beginner" board to see if this is a hobby I can/should pick up again. This board is (on their site) more targeted to smaller kid/teen beginner riders, although the max weight limit for this board is 264 (greater than many other eboards for sale). The board was well packaged and the construction of the board is excellent.

This board has 4 speed settings. 1 (lowest) is not even a slow walking pace and therefore was a bit difficult to stay balanced. I quickly progressed up to the highest level and found moving at speed (max of 12 mph claimed) was actually easier to stay balanced. Being a larger person, I find the trucks to be a bit loose, even after tightening them several times with the included wrench. This is my primary gripe with the board at this point. The trucks will probably be fine for a smaller/lighter person. There's a bit of learning curve in getting used to the feel of the "braking" function. This setting is not adjustable for faster/harder breaking like on some other boards, and the function on this board worked fine for gradually slowing down but wouldn't stop you quickly if you ever needed to.

The claimed max range on the board is 8-10 miles. I ride on pretty flat ground and was down to less than 25% of battery in 5.5 miles. I could probably get close to 7 miles. Again, this will vary with the size of the rider. This board struggled to get me up the handful of slight upward gradients.

In summary, this board is pretty much what it claims to be on the website - a beginner board for smaller folks. If you are a larger person, or looking for longer range, you may quickly outgrow this board. After a few more rides confirming my interest in this sport, I will probably upgrade to a larger board with greater power and battery capacity. The price point on this board is quite low compared to boards with more capability, so you should decide whether investing in an "entry" board like this prior to potentially upgrading is worth it for you.

C.J. N.
Good gift good customer service

This v6 is a great inexpensive gift for I would say kids and teens. It’s fun, probably best to be used by people who don’t weigh a lot as the max weight is like 260 lb you should try to be on the mid range weight to get the most out of it. Definitely follow the instructions in the manual and know the limitations of the board it’s not for professional skateboarding it’s better to be used like an outing with the kids at the park. Shipping is a breeze. The skateboard arrived within a week of ordering it and the company is really easy to deal with if you ever have any issues with your board. They’re accessible and have great customer service.

best purchase ever

This E-board is literally amazing it’s not super fast but it’s just the amount of fast a beginner can handle, the steering is very nice, don’t mind the small size this board packs a punch the battery lasts like 45 min but that’s pretty good for any E-board, the brake is a bit rough but you’ll get used to it fast ,it can ride on lil branches and stuff. I totally recommend this E-board it’s very good quality and for the price you get almost more than what you paid for.

William A.
Pretty good beginner eboard

I got what I paid for and it is worth every cent!!! It’s a little short and pretty narrow. The power is good. It’s the perfect starter eboard for anyone getting into the electric skateboard rave

Christy D.
Beginner’s electric skateboard

First electric skateboard for my grandson. Took awhile to get used to turning and speed control but he loves it.


It's definitely a great board! I've been loving every second of cruising around. I wish it had a bigger battery/motor though

Heather C.
Fun for all ages!

Our 10 year old son absolutely loves this board. It fills his every waking moment! The board is great for his little cousins as well (5 and 7 years old) because of the variable speeds on the hand held remote.
This is the perfect board for kids up to early teens, its fast enough for the older kids, but still fun and safe for the younger ones. The battery lasts super long (my son went for a 3 mile ride up and down hills and still had battery left when he got back). I would highly recommend this electric skateboard to anyone seeking an affordable electric skateboard for their kids!

Richard p.
Great technical support, lots of fun

My kids are on their boards everyday, they love them so much

Amazing board!!

This board rocks! My son never quits riding it. We actually have 2 of them. He just swaps them when the battery goes dead. There are 3 levels 3 being the fastest. He keeps it on 3 and he can ride it straight for about 2 1/2 hours. He just really loves it. He wants to try the V8 long board next so we will be purchasing a new one soon!

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