S9 Pro Electric Scooter | iSinwheel®
S9 Pro Electric Scooter | iSinwheel®
S9 Pro Electric Scooter | iSinwheel®
S9 Pro Electric Scooter | iSinwheel®
S9 Pro Electric Scooter | iSinwheel®
S9 Pro Electric Scooter | iSinwheel®
S9 Pro Electric Scooter | iSinwheel®
S9 Pro Electric Scooter | iSinwheel®

S9 Pro Electric Scooter | iSinwheel®

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S9 Pro

Shiny LED Headlamp

The headlight delivers Increased safety in dark surroundings. Based on the Bright/Dark Cut-Off Line, focusing the lights at a low angle on the road will provide extra visibility and safety.

Thumb Throttle

The thumb throttle has moderate resistance and responsiveness,which is convenient for riders to control the driving speed and fully enjoy the fun of "driving".

Comes with a Bell

The loud, crisp ring of the bell is sure to alert riders and pedestrians and to provide enhanced safety when riding.

One-Step Folding

The i9 scooter folds in one step, even with the seat attached, and can easily fit in the back of your car. It’s net weight is 27.5 lbs(13.5kg). Allowing you to carry it onto subways and elevators, unlocking unlimited possibilities.

Double Shock Absorder

The double rear suspension system make you enjoy a comfortable riding journey.

New Tail Light

The tail light turns on automatically when using the front light or braking providing enhanced safety and visibility to others.

2 Riding Modes

Eco Mode permits travel at an energy-efficient speed to extend battery life.
Sport Mode boosts your ride with a maximum speed of 18.6 mph.

Shock Absorber & Smart Braking System

Help you enjoy a comfortable and safe riding.

350W Brushless Motor, Climb Better, Accelerate Faster

Hill climbing is drastically improved and now delivers sharper acceleration from a standstill, with a 350W motor rating, which transforms the ride experience.

LED Digital Dashboard

The LED digital dashboard can show you the battery and speed information at a glance.

15.5 Miles (25 km) Maximum Range

Equipped a downhill & braking regenerative 
battery, you can charge on the go.

Smart MiniRobot APP connection

Control your scooter with one click on your phone by opening the APP equipped with bluetooth connection

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Richard Coppock
Nice and smooth.

I bought this scooter cause gas is so high I needed an alternative and it exceeded that. It's easy to set up and get riding has a really good speed and charges relatively quickly. It was well worth it for me.

E. Root

Item arrived on time and works great. Very fast & smooth ride. I was able to connect the app to the scooter no problem. Very happy with this item

Highly recommend

I have been using the ISinwheel scooter for about 3 weeks now & I absolutely love it. The app and all the different settings I can use are very convenient. The pouch in the front is great for storage & also gives me a place to store the charger. Really great product I highly recommend. I am very satisfied overall

Regina Diaz
It's faster than I thought it would be and much sturdier

I bought this scooter as a gift for my boyfriend when he is in New York working so it could use it to commute to work which is much easier and safer nowadays than going by bus or subway. The original scooter we received was defective and it was replaced with no issue what so ever. They even called to make sure we had no issues with the new scooter. The scooter is quite impressive. It is much faster than I expected and so easy to use. As of yet, we have not been able to use the full battery life of the scooter after hours of using. It does go slower with hills but that is to be expected. You could use it on bumpy surfaces but I would be cautious due to the speed.

Nyeka Campbell
Great scooter

Good speed, smooth ride, good battery life and great customer service

Jonathan Jones
Great purchase and no complaints.

I ordered this for my son and it came early. It has been working great and the app for the scooter was easy to download.

Andrew R.

Works great and saves on gas

After two month

Used it for two month its lightweight easy foldable scooter . you can control the speed ,lights ,mode with app and Bluetooth . no noise from motor. I like it .


This scooter is the best, my fiancé got one before this one that he would have to charge every day and it would not go so fast either, he uses it for work so it would take him about 8 minutes on the old scooter. BUT, with this one, he barely charged it the other day but he had three weeks that he was I using it, it takes him about 3-5 minutes to get to his location on this scooter and it goes fast. HE LOVES IT!!! I’m to scared to get on it lol but we are glad we bought it and it’s amazing I recommend it to anyone!!!

Amazed by the scooter

I actually enjoy this product at first I was skeptical about buying the scooter but it blew my mind.