Electric Bicycle

Discover the freedom of cycling with the added boost of electric power in our Electric Bicycle collection at iSinwheel. Blending classic bicycling with innovative technology, these e-bikes cater to commuters, adventurers, and casual riders alike. With a range of models to choose from, you can enjoy an eco-friendly ride that offers both fitness benefits and effortless cruising whenever you need it.

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Elevate Your Ride

Transition seamlessly between pedal power and electric assistance:

  • Versatile designs suitable for various environments and preferences.
  • Intuitive controls to adjust the level of electric assist on-the-go.
  • Pedal-assist systems to make cycling easier, especially on hills.

Long-Range Adventures

Extend your excursions without worry:

  • Batteries designed for long life and extended range.
  • Reliable motors that provide consistent power output.
  • The perfect blend of physical exercise and electric assistance.

Smart Features for the Modern Cyclist

Experience the convenience of high-tech cycling:

  • Integrated LCD displays for tracking speed, distance, and battery life.
  • Built-in lights for safety during early morning or nighttime rides.
  • Connectivity options for monitoring and optimizing your ride.

Style Meets Functionality

Our Electric Bicycles are crafted with aesthetics and utility in mind:

  • Sleek frames that house battery and wiring for a clean look.
  • Durable materials to endure daily use and varying weather conditions.
  • A range of colors and styles to match your personal taste.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your daily commute, explore new trails, or simply enjoy leisurely rides around town, iSinwheel’s Electric Bicycle collection offers versatility and performance. Embrace a new era of cycling with our e-bikes that promise a smoother, faster, and more enjoyable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between an ebike and an electric bike?

There is no difference between an e-bike and an electric bike; both terms refer to bicycles that are equipped with an electric motor to assist with pedaling and are used interchangeably.

How much faster is an electric bike than a normal bike?

An electric bike can be significantly faster than a standard bike when using the electric assist. While a regular cyclist on a standard bike averages a speed of about 10-14 mph, an electric bike can assist riders to reach speeds up to 20-28 mph, depending on the power of the motor and local regulations. This makes e-bikes especially faster on inclines and over long distances with less rider fatigue.

Can you ride an electric bike as a normal bike?

Yes, you can ride an electric bike as a normal bike by either turning off the electric assistance or simply not engaging the throttle or pedal-assist. In this mode, it functions just like a conventional bicycle, powered solely by the rider's pedaling effort. However, e-bikes are typically heavier than regular bikes due to the added weight of the motor and battery.

Do you still have to pedal an electric bike?

Yes, you typically still have to pedal an electric bike, especially if it's a pedal-assist model. However, some e-bikes come with a throttle that allows you to ride without pedaling at all, using the motor exclusively for propulsion. The need to pedal depends on the e-bike's design and the mode of operation you choose while riding.