M 800W Racer Electric Scooter Circooter
M 800W Racer Electric Scooter Circooter
M 800W Racer Electric Scooter Circooter
M 800W Racer Electric Scooter Circooter
M 800W Racer Electric Scooter Circooter
M 800W Racer Electric Scooter Circooter
M 800W Racer Electric Scooter Circooter
M 800W Racer Electric Scooter Circooter
M 800W Racer Electric Scooter Circooter

M 800W Racer Electric Scooter

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  • 800W
    Motor Capacity
  • 48V 12.5Ah
    Battery Capacity
  • 28MPH
    Top Speed
  • 25 Miles
    Max Range
  • 440Lbs
    Max Load
  • 6-7 Hours
    Charging Time
  • Mate Escooter
    Maximum Speed 28MPH/45 KM/H
    Maximum Range 25 Miles/40 KM
    Motor Power Rated Power 800W
    Voltage 48 V
    Max.Charging Voltage 54.6 V
    Capacity 12.5 Ah
    Protection level IPX4
    Max. Slope 30%
    Operating Temperature 14 ┬░F - 104 ┬░F
    Wheel Size 10 inches Tubeless Tires
    Brakes Front and rear disc brake + EABS electronic brake
    LED Lighting Headlight and Side lights, Turn Signals and Brake light
    Climbing Ability >25%
    Input Voltage 110-240 V
    Output Voltage 54.6 V
    Output Current 2A
    Charging Time 5-6 H
    Weight 48.5 lbs/22 kg
    Folded Dimensions Approx´╝Ü47*8*19 IN / 120*20*50 CM
    Unfolded Dimensions Approx´╝Ü47*23*50 IN / 129*60*128 CM
    Rider Maximum Load 440 lbs(200kg)
    Recommended Age 16 + Years

    1 x Mate electric scooter
    1 x Charger
    1 x Manual
    1 x Quick Start
    1 x Scooter Bag
    1 x Toolkit

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    off road electric scooter


    commuter electric scooter


    commuter electric scooter

    M Series

    off road electric scooter

    R 800W

    off road electric scooter


    Motor Power

    MAX 800W 1200W 800W 800W 1600W


    10 inch Off Road Tires 12 inch Honeycomb Tires 10 inch Off Road Tires 10 inch Off Road Tires 10 inch Off Road Tires

    Maximum Load

    330 lbs 400 lbs 440 lbs 440 lbs 440 lbs

    Product Weight

    50 lbs 48 lbs 48 lbs 58 lbs 63 lbs

    Maximum Speed

    28 mph 28 mph 28 mph 28 mph 28 mph

    Maximum Range

    24 miles 31 miles 25 miles 25 miles 31 miles

    Suspension Type

    Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions

    Support APP

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    Scooter Bag

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Jose Arvelo
    Honest review

    I have used the scooter for 3 weeks now and here goes all my experience with it:
    - The scooter is powerful, it easily gets to 20 mph and I am 180 lbs. For me it does not get entirely to 28 mph, I usually top out at 26 mph. I mind the speed as I usually ride on the bike lanes on the road
    - It is bigger than I thought, the quality is great and it feels sturdy. It usually gets the looks in the street
    - The ride is pretty stiff as the suspension hard. It feels like the absorbers are not really there. Either way, considering what you get for the price, I don't have any complains. Excellent scooter

    Excellent Scooter and World Class Customer Service !

    I recently tried the scooter but I preffered the for its better battery, better suspension and bigger wheels. I can easily reach 25-26mph instead of the advertised 28 mph. It made my commute to school easier and I don't have to pay parking fees!

    We like it!

    This is a well made, sturdy scooter. BUT it is powerful. Takes off like a rocket.


    Overall, a very good service for me
    Advance :
    1. Solid tires ! I used to have an electric scooter with air-filled tires, I had the tires patched several times, and this electric scooter solved my problem.
    2. Cruise control. Because my commute is long and the electric scooter has 22 miles of range.
    3. Two speed settings fairly easy to deal with and 1st gear still goes 25 MPH. Top speed at sport ( 2nd gear) is 28 MPH.
    4. Front and Rear suspension-makes for a decent ride.
    5. USB charging. The USB hole of the electric scooter can charge my mobile phone, which is really very convenient !

    Read this! Solid scoot

    These electric scooter is awesome. It is fully equipped with a very high powered 800 watts of power and goes up to 28 mph. It has dual suspension which is great and the dual break system allows you to stop more easy and efficiently. It is equipped with a bright LED light which is extremely convenient while riding in the dark. It lightweight and perfect for traveling. It has a long lasting rechargeable battery and it is fast recharging. It is very durable and sturdy and high quality. Very good price and value overall. Definitely recommend it

    I am impressed

    This thing is a beast. I wanted to upgrade from a 800w. It's got a big deck. It's super fun. I ride motorcycles so this thing is as close as it gets to one.

    Great scooter

    Bought this scooter to do my 10 miles commute to work. It already put together in the box . The build quality is quite high overall, however, The braking system is excellent. There is front and back brakes. It allows me to stop quickly without skidding.This scooter is flexible,And easy to ride on complex road conditions.!
    Overall, great machine due to sold frame and tires I have a blast on my daily commute.

    Well designed and SO FUN.

    I like the scooter. It has plenty of features and it folds down nicely.
    Mine arrived with a small manufacturing defect but the seller helped resolve the issue.

    Fast and lightweight electric scooter

    The scooter is very good, but when it comes to the speed, not even 21 miles. It will run 21miles, but with nobody on board.
    Also another thing I noticed, when the battery is running out the speed reduces.
    I have another scooter, and battery gets lower and still maintains the speed.

    Fast and affordable

    I was sent the wrong equipment, they did reimburse me for the price difference overall nice little scooter