Isinwheel X3 1200W Commuting Electric Scooter iSinwheel Official Store
Isinwheel X3 1200W Commuting Electric Scooter iSinwheel Official Store

isinwheel X3 Pro Commuting Electric Scooter 1200W

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Available in March 2024.
Maximizing riding pleasure for urban commuters and parents
  • 1200W Brushless Motor
  • 12-inch Big Tires
  • 37 Miles Max Range
  • Key Start & lock
  • Wider Deck & 400lbs Load
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Motor Capacity

37 Miles

Max Range

28 MPH

Top Speed

48 V 15Ah

Battery Capacity

6 -8 Hours

Charging Time

400 Lbs

Max Load






Improve the Anti-Theft Performance of Scooters

Start or lock the scooter with the key,

you don't have to worry about the scooter being stolen

Aerospace Frame

Wider deck with a maximum capacity

of 400lb, making riding experience

safe, and comfortable.

12 Inch Pneumatic Tire + Run-Flat Tire

The motor wheel is designed with

run-flat tire, needn't worry about blowing out tire during driving

Extended Long Range for Your City Commute

Ride up to 37 Miles on a single

charge with the 15 Ah large battery with dynamic power supply.

Ride Fast, Ride Freely

X3Pro 1200W motor lets you whiz

through town at the top speed of

28 mph, conquering up to 35% grade slopes.

Built-In Front LED Light

Illuminate the path ahead of you

and increase your visibility to others around you without dazzling.

Four Riding Modes toMeet Your Riding Styles

Four Riding modes can be directly accessed by the intuitive LED dashboard.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Paul C.
Very cool and powerful

This scooter got up to 20 mph with me on it in about 300-400 yards and I weigh 280 lbs. Very nice and good quality. I’m happy with this purchase and definitely recommend it.

Robin L.
Great scooter for the price!

This scooter is so fun and save me so much money on transportation. I love it.

Joseph G.
Super Awesome Scooter!!!

I love all the features this scooter has and super affordable compared to other brands. The customer service department are super helpful and they take very good care of you. I would 100% Recommended buying from this company.

This scooter closely reminded me of the Smart Urban 500

I didn't expect it to be as big as a super scooter, I wish the handles folded and that it stood up right or that there was a device that allowed for it to. From the video, setting, is a challenge . A scooter of this price range needs a security camera. Im still checking the scooter out but I think im gonna really like this scooter .

Cristina C.
X3 Pro

Oh my this bad girl I call it beauty cos it's really beautiful in person and enough space for 2 person. Sturdy of course and I'm happy of my purchase .

It REALLY is as advertised

When I got my scooter it was so easy to put together. Literally 6 little screws and 3 small wires to connect to each other and it was good to go. I weigh 189 and on a flat road I got it up to 25 mph. On a hill I had it at 14 mph in power mode. The battery does have a long life. I tested it to it was almost dead and it took over an hour at top speed in power mode hills included. I looked at 3 other brands for the same price point and I know I got the best bang for my buck. I’m massively happy with the purchase. I think you will to. Also I am just a normal guy and not a paid for review. I thought that’s what I was reading in the other reviewers but it’s all legit. This is my purchase. NOT. A demo or anything like that. Happy hunting but in my case the hunt stopped here.

So far so good!

So far this scooter has been great! I spent a lot of time researching all of the options, and this one looked to be one of the best. I love the white color and the wide base to stand on compared to other models. The scooter came halfway charged, and I was able to ride it quite a bit before having to charge it for the first time. So far, so good… I will update if anything changes.

Great electric scooter.

I chose this electric scooter and was not mistaken. All the parameters of how it keeps itself on the road at the turn and speed are all I like. Great electric scooter.

Dave K.

It came early! This scooter is beyond amazing! It's strong, fast, and just all around built great. I love the battery life and just the overall feel of the scooter. This scooter more then exceeded my expectations! Great product for a reasonable price!

Two weeks with the X3 Pro and I love it so far.

I've had two weeks with the X3 Pro and I love it. It arrived well protected and was easy to extract from the package. Assembly of the handlebars was a little fiddly but just a couple minutes. This thing is just beautiful and elegant. Customer service says the motor is 1200W nominal and 1500W peak, I have no way to verify that and will say it has plenty of torque to not just climb but also accelerate up the hills in my neighborhood. Acceleration is swift and almost completely silent, just tire noise and an electronic warble from the motor. Top speeds are as published, it moves right along. This scoot is very stable, I have had zero 'speed wobble', it actually feels more stable as you go faster. I would rate the battery life as 'nearly forever', I've done miles and miles and miles around the neighborhood since arrival and have charged it once (and it was still indicating half battery when I did that) beyond the initial top-off on arrival. I quite like the folding mechanism, it is quick and very strong, without any latches or hinged parts sticking up when folded. I like that the charge port is on top of the massive footboard, not down under the rails and hard to see, it is easy to plug in while standing on either side. Handgrips are very comfortable. Brakes are strong and still breaking in. The rear brake caliper is shimmed up off the mount and I'm not sure why, as it only makes half contact with the rotor, maybe something for me to adjust to get more pad engagement as it is much weaker than a disk brake should be, it also is of a different design from the ad photos. I very quickly noticed that there is no steering stop just like a bicycle, when turning a tight circle you can easily turn the wheel 90 degrees or more which would be an instant crash, so quite a bit of care must be taken in low speed handling. Mentioned online in the ad images, and in the manual that came with the X3 pro, there is explanation of Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS)/electronic braking/EBS. The scooter does not have that. Coasting downhill off throttle it picks up speed very quickly and use of the friction brakes is needed, regenerative/electronic braking as described in the user manual would be nice. I'd give five stars if the disk brake was correct from factory and it had regen braking as advertised.

It took me a minute to figure out how the cruise control works: Press and hold the light button to get the cruise icon to show up, this enables cruise, you should ideally do this while stopped. Once cruise is enabled holding the throttle steady for 4-5 seconds engages the cruise at that speed, no removing hands from the grips. To cancel cruise just tap either brake lever or flick the throttle. To engage again just hold the throttle stationary once more.

Update: Isinwheel sent me a new brake caliper, of a different design, they type shown in the product photos. It installed easily and works perfectly in full engagement of the brake disk. YouTube video placeholder

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