2023 Guide to State & Local E-Bike Rebates & Tax Incentives

by tingze cai on Mar 31, 2023

2023 Guide to State & Local E-Bike Rebates & Tax Incentives

Times are tough, and while purchasing an e-bike is a big financial decision for most people, what you might not realize is that it might be an investment that puts REAL MONEY back in your pocket. In 2023,  there are EVEN MORE states offering tax credits or rebates to help make buying an e-bike less stressful on your wallet. Check out our updated, comprehensive guide to the e-bike rebates and tax credits offered in your area! 


California Statewide: offers up to $1,000 for regular electric bikes and up to $1,750 for cargo or adaptive electric bikes.

Contra Costa County: residents can receive up to $300 in savings when purchasing a new electric bike, and those who are 18 years old, meet income requirements, and reside in the designated county can receive $500 when purchasing an electric bike.

Heldsburg: Electric offers rebates of $50-$700 to its customers who purchase qualifying electric bikes.

Redding: Residents of Redding, California, who meet income criteria and are enrolled in the Residential Energy Discount program, can receive up to $1,150 in vouchers.

Santa Cruz: It plans to offer $800 to low-income residents and $400 to non-low-income residents who meet the eligibility criteria for purchasing an electric bike.


Avon: if you live in Avon and purchase a new electric bike worth $1,000 or more, you could be eligible for a tax credit of up to $200. This is a great way to save some money and encourage the use of environmentally friendly transportation options.

Denver: if you live in Denver,you could potentially save even more. By applying for the electric bike tax credit, you could save up to $1,700 on your purchase. This is a significant savings that can make a big difference in your decision to switch to an electric bike.


Connecticut Statewide: Connecticut offers a generous $500 rebate for purchasing an electric bike, as long as the bike's price is $3,000 or less. This tax credit is a great opportunity for Connecticut residents to save money while reducing their carbon footprint and enjoying the many benefits of electric bikes.


Hawaii Statewide: Hawaii provides a fantastic 20% rebate on electric bikes for residents, up to a maximum of $500.


Massachusetts Statewide: Massachusetts offers a refund of $500 to $750 for electric bikes based on residents' income levels. This program is designed to encourage more people to adopt electric bikes and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, while also providing financial relief to those who need it most.

New York 

New York is planning to provide a 50% rebate on electric bike purchases, up to a maximum of $1,100.


Oklahoma Statewide: Oklahoma provides a tax credit of $200 for eligible new electric bike purchases.


Nashville: Electric bikes are eligible for a basic refund of up to $300, while freight electric bikes can receive up to $500 in refunds. Those who meet income requirements may be eligible for a refund of up to $1,400 for their electric bike or freight electric bike purchase.


Washington Statewide: Washington D.C. offers a fantastic discount of 75% of the cost of a bike, up to a maximum of $1,200, or 75% of the cost of an electric bike.

United States

If you haven't found any financial incentive programs in your city or state, don't lose hope. Stay up to date on cycling news in your area by connecting with your local biking coalition.

You can help lower emissions, improve your health and help save on gas just by switching your car miles for e-bike miles. If you're still on the fence about buying an e-bike, a rebate or tax credit may be just the thing to help you leave your car at home. Want to join the thousands of people switching to electric? Check out our lineup of high-performance e-bikes!

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