Seize Isinwheel's Crazy Black Friday Discounts!

by Emma Globo on Nov 17, 2023

Seize Isinwheel's Crazy Black Friday Discounts!

With the current economic downturn and the continuous rise in the cost of living, we are all searching for ways to cut expenses. Luckily, electric scooters and e-bikes offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for your daily commute. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday rapidly approaching, now is the golden opportunity to snag Isinwheel products. Don't miss out!

Mark Your Calendar! Black Friday Deals Are Live!

Throughout the Black Friday period, all products are at their lowest prices of the year, with a price guarantee for Black Friday. If the Black Friday price is lower than what you paid, we'll refund the difference. Subscribe to our newsletter for a secret promo code and enjoy the best discounts!

Isinwheel Leading the Trend

Isinwheel products are now on a crazy discount you can't afford to miss! Electric scooters and e-bikes not only save you money but also contribute to environmental friendliness. Purchasing Isinwheel is a game-changing, long-term investment for your wallet and the planet.

Why Black Friday is Your Best Choice

Isinwheel's Black Friday offers are unparalleled, saving you up to $300! We have free product giveaways, brand prize packages, and substantial coupons. You can join the campaign here: This isn't just a one-time purchase; it's an investment in your future. Buy Isinwheel, and you're not just getting a transportation device for today but making a wise, future-sustainable investment.


Popular Kids Gift Recommendations


Mini Pro (Sale Price $129.99): A 3 wheel electric scooter is a great way to encourage your children to go out with you, and it with a flexible frame on 3 wheels, stabilizing it in all conditions, on turns, or uneven surface. Makes your kids stand out among all the classic scooters around. The MINI electric scooter is the perfect present which help your child enjoy a more independent gliding experience.


V6 (Sale Price $189.99): Whether you're looking for something small for yourself or even for a child, the isinwheel V6 Electric Skateboard is an excellent option. This pint-sized board is easy to store and tote around, and offers plenty of control to novice and experienced riders alike.


SK12 (Sale Price $199.99): It's Time to Get Your Child on His First E-bike! - The isinwheel SK12 gives kids the opportunity to learn cycling fundamentals with the added fun and support an electric motor provides. Enjoying family time and exploring with friends, this electric bike will be a great memory of your child's childhood

2023 Best Sellers Black Friday Deals


S9max(Sale Price $359.99): Entry-level electric scooter ideal for city commuting with a lightweight design and convenient folding mechanism.


GT2(Sale Price $699.99): The perfect blend of urban mobility and off-road adventure, optimizing speed, weight, and comfort.


Raptor Pro(Sale Price $949.99): Off-road electric scooter with two efficient brushless motors, a proprietary four-wheel suspension system, and a customizable app for a rich riding experience.


U2 Electric Bike(Sale Price $569.99): Equipped with 26" puncture-resistant tires, 7-speed, and shock absorber, ensuring a smooth ride across town.


V8 E-Skateboard(Sale Price $369.99): The V8 electric longboard provides the ultimate sense of speed with options for slow start and sport mode, making it the best gift for everyone.


Tips for a Smooth Black Friday Shopping Experience

1. Research Isinwheel products in advance and familiarize yourself with the ones you're interested in.

2. Prioritize items on your wishlist, focusing on popular products from Isinwheel rather than impulse buying.

3. Explore product pages to discover the best discounts, and use the code BF10 for an extra 10% off when buying two electric bikes or scooters.

4. Explore our convenient financing options to spread the cost over several months.

5. Finally, don't miss the Isinwheel frenzy this Black Friday, which offers both immediate price advantages and a visionary investment for the future. Grab your Isinwheel products at an unbeatable price this Black Friday and save throughout the year!

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