Electric Skateboard With Remote Control

Cruise the streets with flair on iSinwheel electric skateboards with remote, your go-to for fun and effortless travel. Zip around with ease and enjoy the ride without breaking a sweat, perfect for daily commutes or leisurely rolling. And there's more – our small electric bikes pack a punch in a petite package, our portable electric scooters fold up for on-the-go convenience, the dual motor electric scooters offer double the power for a zippier ride, and our lightweight electric scooters make carrying and handling as easy as can be. With iSinwheel, stylish, smooth rides are just a push away!

Our iSinwheel skateboards are light, fast, and made to last. They come with everything you need for a smooth ride. Check out iSinwheel if you want a skateboard that's all about fun, easy to carry around, and helps you zip around the city without a fuss.

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Check out iSinwheel for cool ways to get around. Our electric scooters are perfect for city life, making your commute a breeze. If you're all about excitement, our sleek electric skateboards are just the thing. And for an easy bike ride, try our electric bikes—they add a little extra power when you're pedaling. Every iSinwheel ride is made to be fun and adventurous, so every time you head out, it's not just travel, it's an adventure!


Effortless Mobility and Convenience With Electric Skateboards From Isinwheel


Electric skateboards have changed the game in how we get around the city. With a remote control, you manage your speed and stopping easily, making your ride both safe and smooth. Here's the lowdown:

  • Control Your Speed Safely: You decide how fast to go, and when to stop quickly. This is great for busy places or when you need to halt suddenly.
  • Modes for All Skills: Whether you're just starting or are a pro, there's a mode for you. Start slow and safe, and speed up as you get better.
  • Chill with Cruise Control: For long rides, cruise control keeps you moving without needing to keep pushing the throttle.
  • Smooth Motors: The motor makes your ride smooth and keeps you going without pushing.
  • Battery Life Matters: Pick a battery that lasts and isn't too heavy, so you can go far and not get stuck.
  • Keep it Comfy: A comfy ride also means easy care for your board, so it lasts longer.


In short, electric skateboards with remotes make your trips easier and more fun, giving you more control than ever before. Whether it's a leisurely roll or a daily dash, your ride is now better than ever.

Advanced Control for Urban Exploration


Electric Skateboards with Remote: Mastering Urban Terrain with Ease

Navigate with precision and ease using our electric skateboards that come with a handy remote for speed control. Ideal for the intrepid urban adventurer, these all-terrain boards are crafted for the demands of city life and beyond, including those challenging uphill climbs.


Top-Tier Performance and Versatility


Our high-quality electric skateboards are fitted with robust brushless dual motors like the iSinwheel V8’s 600*2 max capacity hub motors, which push you up to an exciting top speed of 28 mph. With the added convenience of a removable and rechargeable battery, enjoy an impressive range of 12 miles to take your journey further.

Ready for Any Challenge


Adapt seamlessly to varying terrains with our durable 105 mm off-road wheels that ensure a smooth and stable ride, whether you're traversing hilly areas, grassy surfaces, or urban roads. And with fast charging capabilities, your skateboard won’t keep you waiting long before your next adventure.


Transform your travels into thrilling expeditions with iSinwheel electric skateboards. They provide the power, speed, and versatility you need for an exhilarating yet controlled ride, every day.


Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Skateboards With Remote Control

Is it worth getting an electric skateboard?

Certainly! An electric skateboard, especially an off-road electric skateboard, is an excellent choice for adventurous souls looking to enhance their riding experience with convenience and fun. Not only do you get the thrill of skateboarding, but you also say goodbye to tiring foot pushing thanks to the powerful electric motor that does the work for you. Plus, it's an eco-friendly alternative for daily commutes.

How do you control an electric skateboard?

Control comes seamlessly with the skateboard remote control. This board's wireless remote lets you adjust your speed and apply the brake easily while you ride. It connects to your board, offering a responsive and intuitive method to manage your journey. For an optimal riding experience, it's always recommended to wear protective gear, especially when you're learning.

Can you use an electric skateboard without power?

In a pinch, yes. You can push your electric skateboard manually without power, but be aware that it's going to be heavier and less responsive than a regular board due to the electric motor and battery. While it's not ideal to use it this way, it’s a good backup option if your battery dies mid-ride.

Can electric skateboards get wet?

While an electric skateboard can handle a bit of moisture, it's best to avoid getting it wet to protect the electrical components. Riding through rain or puddles can risk damaging the motor and the skateboard's remote control. Always remember that water resistance levels vary between models, so check the manufacturer’s guidelines and, to be safe, gear up with protective gear during damp conditions.