Street Electric Skateboard

Navigating city streets requires a fusion of agility, speed, and style—a fusion that is epitomized in iSinwheel's range of street electric skateboards. Designed for those who live life on the move, these boards are more than mere vehicles; they are your passport to a new dimension of urban commuting and excitement.

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Unmatched Performance for City Commutes

  • Potent Motors: Our electric skateboards are empowered by dynamic motors that deliver instant torque and smooth acceleration. Effortlessly conquer urban inclines and maintain pace with the rhythm of city life.
  • Extended Range Batteries: With our premium batteries, range anxiety becomes a thing of the past. Charge less and ride more, confident that your board will keep up with your day's demands.
  • Responsive Control: The boards' intuitive handling ensures that each carve and turn feels natural. Seamlessly navigate through bustling sidewalks and serpentine pathways with precision.

Commuters seeking an alternative to traditional transportation will find the versatility and performance of our skateboards comparable to the best commuter electric scooters.

Stylish Designs for the Modern Rider

  • Cutting-edge Profiles: Reflecting contemporary tastes, our boards boast designs that capture the spirit of the modern urbanite.
  • Personalizable Features: Select from various colors and add-ons to make your board a true representation of your personality.
  • Resilient Materials: We use only high-quality components that are tested to endure the daily grind of urban commuting.

Our electric skateboards are not just functional—they're fashion statements on wheels.

Versatile and Portable Transportation Options

  • Featherweight Frames: The portability of our boards is unmatched. Light enough to carry, yet sturdy enough for the rigors of city travel.
  • Space-Saving Design: These boards are crafted to fit seamlessly into your life, sliding under desks or lying flat in car trunks.
  • Convenient Battery Swaps: The removable battery system means you can keep a spare charged and ready to go, ensuring you’re never stranded.

Pair an electric skateboard with an e-bike for mixed transport solutions that cover all your city travel needs.

Safety-Centric for the Urban Explorer

  • Reliable Braking Systems: Anticipate stops with ease thanks to the dependable brakes that provide consistent stopping power.
  • Visibility-Enhancing LEDs: Maintain high visibility in low-light conditions with built-in LED lights that ensure others can see you clearly.
  • Sturdy Wheel Construction: Our wheels are designed to grip the pavement firmly, giving you confidence on both smooth and challenging urban terrains.

iSinwheel electric skateboards offer a combination of features that ensure you can navigate any urban setting safely, akin to the abilities of off-road electric skateboards.


Can you ride an electric skateboard in NYC?

Absolutely, electric skateboards are legal to ride in New York City, as long as riders follow the city's traffic laws and respect the guidelines set for electric vehicles.

Can you ride an electric skateboard on wet roads?

Riding on wet roads is not advisable for electric skateboard users. Moisture can impair your board's electrical components and reduce wheel traction, increasing the risk of accidents.

Can you ride an electric skateboard in the bike lane?

In many localities, electric skateboards are welcome in the bike lane. Check your local regulations to ensure legal compliance and always be respectful of bicyclists and other lane users.

Can you ride an electric skateboard like a regular skateboard?  

Yes, you can. When the power is off, an electric skateboard can be used like a conventional board. Note, though, that the additional weight might affect handling and trick execution.