Q1:How long time to take a full charge for this electric bike?
Answer:We equipped a large 12.5Ah battery and super fast charging technology with this electric bike.
The charging time is about 4-5 hours.

Q2:Anyone knows whether this ebike has a warranty?
A:Our team offers a one-year warranty on electrical components such as batteries, chargers, motors, controllers, monitors, and lifetime technical support.

Q3:what is the best mode of riding it is it on number 3 with a pedal?
A:The Cycknight Electric Bike has three riding modes. Pure Electric (28-37 Miles); Pedal Assist (37-48 Miles); Normal Bike (Unlimited). The specific riding style can be adjusted as needed. Any questions, please contact the customer team. We will provide fast and professional technical support.

Q4:How long does it take to charge?
A:We equipped a large 54.6V 3A super fast charger. The charging time is about 4-5 hours and the maximum range can be up to 48 Miles.

Q5:How far can the bike get for one charge?
A:The e-bike has 4-5 hours of charging for a range of 28-48 miles. Pure Electric (28-37 Miles); Pedal Assist (37-48 Miles); Normal Bike (Unlimited).

Q6:Is there anyway to make this bike faster?
Answer:Press and hold down the two arrow buttons and you can switch to PO8 by pressing the M or the Menue button. But keep in mind it will drain your battery faster.

Q7:Can you purchase an extra battery for it?
A:You can purchase an extra battery for an electric bike. The battery is already in the stock

Q8:It say the battery is easy to remove so is there a lock to help prevent theft?
A:The removable battery is convenient. You to take the removable battery away for charging at any time. The e-bike itself is equipped with keys. You can unplug the battery and lock the electric bike to prevent theft when you do not use the electric bike.

Q9:Worth it to buy this bike? For commute purposes only?
A:The Cycknight Electric Bike is a powerful and cost-effective multifunctional e-bike. Pure Electric (42-53 Miles); Pedal Assist (53-75 Miles); Normal Bike (Unlimited). The maximum range with that charge is up to 75 miles. You can easily use this electric bike for your daily commute, going out for coffee with your friends or on a picnic with your family, or riding.

Q10:What is the total weight/load capacity that this bike can carry?
A:The fat tire folding electric bike weighs about 65 LBS and can carry about 330 LBS.

Q11:What's the size after folding the bike?
A:The folding size of this ebike is 39.38in*22.44in*32.28in.
You can easily put it in your car's back truck.