Q: If it dies can i still use it as a normal longboard?

A: Of course you can, enjoy your time with the V6 to the fullest.

Q: How long can I travel on a single charge?

A: With a range of 8-10 miles on a single charge, the V6 electric skateboard will be more than enough to use for your daily commute.

Q: Can a 13 year old ride it?

A: Yes, the V6 electric skateboard will run at a more gentle speed and will be perfect for beginners or younger users, and offers plenty of control to novice and experienced riders alike.

Q: What's the weight capacity?

A: Dear customer, V6 electric skateboard is made with sturdy 8-ply maple that can comfortably support up to 264 pounds, and its ability to evenly distribute weight for a steady ride, even at its top speed.

Q: Can i take this on an airplane?

A: Yes, the V6 electric skateboard is 25.2V x 2Ah = 50.4Wh, which is less than 160Wh, so it can be taken on an airplane. However, based on the different local aviation regulations, it is recommended to consult the local airlines in advance for the standard of transportation.

Q: Is it a new line of V8 electric skateboards?

A: Yes, we have introduced the V6 electric skateboard, which is more suitable for beginners of electric skateboards, on top of the V8 to meet the needs of different groups.
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