Q: How big are the tires?

A: the X3PRO escooters have 12" Pneumatic and 12"Honeycomb Tires. Big tire and Long range, suitable for long rides. The scooter also can bear the weight of 330-400 lbs big guys.

Q: Is scooter have head lamp?

A: isinwheel electric scooter of X3pro have headlight and brake light.

Q: How can I fold the electric scooter?

A: the electric scooter X3 series are equipped with a One-step folding system for portability, it fits easily in the trunk or small space.

Q: Can the rear solid tire be switched out for tubeless pneumatic?

A: We do not recommend customers to change the tires by themselves, as this will affect the motor. Our adult electric scooter is equipped with 12 inches front pneumatic tire and a rear inner honeycomb tire which are adaptable to all terrain.

Q: What is the 0-15 mph of this scooter?

A: Dear Customer, the X3 Pro electric scooter have 4 speed mode: ECO 12 mph, POW 15 mph, ECO 22 mph, POW 28mph.

Q: What is the waterproof rating?

A: The waterproof rating for adult electric scooters is IP54, but we do not recommend that you ride in heavy rain.

Q: Are there lights on the scooter for night time riding?

A: The electric scooter is equipped with super bright headlights and oversized taillights.

Q: What brand are the batteries? how many charging cycles before they no longer hold a charge and how much to replace them? what is the ip rating if any?

 A: X3pro electric scooters' battery cell is FST, the battery service life is more than 500 times, the charging time is 6-8 hours, and the waterproof coefficient is IPX4.